Archer's Goon - Diana Wynne Jones

Howard came home from school and found the Goon sitting there, right in the kitchen. Told them that he'd been sent by Archer to get the 2,000 words from Howard's father.

Howard had no idea what the Goon was talking about, but soon learns from his father that the past 13 years he has been writing 2,000 and mailing them to a person named Mountjoy to cure writer's block. Or so he thought that's what it was for. But, it turns out to be much more complicated than that and soon they find themselves in the middle of wizard siblings fighting for the words Howard's father writes.

Archer's Goon is a strangely charming book. It is strange, mysterious and wonderfully exciting. Lots of twists and things I didn't expect.

It's quite a fun book with unique and likeable characters. Interesting story that kept me guessing. This is a great book and I enjoyed every minute of it! 4 and a half stars.