Church of Lies - Flora Jessop, Paul T. Brown

Flora Jessop was born into the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Colorado City.

After enduring much physical and sexual abuse, Flora fled when she was 14 and shortly returned after feeling afraid. She was sent to live with her Uncle Fred and was a prisoner for two years until at 16 she was forced to marry her cousin Philip. After her marriage, Flora fled the FLDS for good and for many years has helped women and children escape the FLDS.

Before January of this year, I never knew groups like the FLDS existed. When you hear about the extreme oppression of women it is usually in other countries and usually associated with Muslims. It is sort of shocking that this is happening America, but at the same time it is not since there is a lot of bad that happens in America I'm sure no one knows about.

But, what I think is most shocking, to me anyway, is that not everyone in America knows about the FLDS and similar groups. I know I had certainly never heard of them before and it was only because I saw a documentary on Lifetime called Escaping Polygamy that I know of them. Because of that documentary, I did some research and found books by former-FLDS members. All I hear ever on TV is about Muslims oppressing women and having more than one wife. Not about the FLDS and similar groups.

I am happy that people like Flora are fighting against what's going on and helping the victims.

I think Flora is amazing and she really had a hard life. What happened to her was just horrible. And I should mention there are graphic details in book about physical and sexual abuse. It was difficult to read, but at the same time the truth needed to be told and Flora definitely told it.

Flora is honest and doesn't hold back. She is passionate about helping abused children and women and fighting against the FLDS. I'll say again, I think she is amazing. Flora is also brave.

Flora was trying to help her younger sister Ruby escape, but she was kidnapped by FLDS members and taken back. At the time this book was published Ruby was still with the FLDS. I think I should mention that in 2013 Ruby finally escaped and has custody of her kids. I think it is great Flora was finally able to reunite with her sister.

This book was difficult to read at times, but I thank Flora for sharing her story. I think what she does is great and this book is a great read if you want to know what really goes on in the FLDS.