The World According to Humphrey - Betty G. Birney

One day a teacher named Ms. Mac went to the pet store and picked out a hamster that she named Humphrey. And Humphrey became the class pet. He is pretty popular with the kids, too.

But soon Mrs. Brisbane comes back to class and Ms. Mac leaves Humphrey leave there since she is going to travel. Humphrey doesn't know how he is going to make it with Mrs. Brisbane as the teacher because she doesn't seem to like him one bit.

But Humphrey manages, has many adventures and helps people along the way.

I found out about the Humphrey series a few years ago and just last year I picked up the first book in the series at a library book sale. What made me want to read this is simply because it is about a hamster.

I love hamsters. I have owned them for years. They are smart, loving and just amazing little animals.

This book was so cute. I love Humphrey. He is a kind little hamster that wants to help people whenever he can. I found myself smiling a lot while reading this.

It's a fun book, with likeable characters, especially Humphrey. I'll be reading the rest of the book in this series.