Bonnet Strings: An Amish Woman's Ties to Two Worlds - Saloma Miller Furlong, David Furlong
Saloma was twenty when she left the Amish for a life of freedom in Vermont. Four months later Saloma's brother Joe showed along with other people she knew to bring her back. Saloma knew she couldn't fight going back, especially if Joe was there.

She was thrust back into Amish life. Saloma tried to fit in, tried to be Amish and forget all about her four months in Vermont and her time spent with David. But, as much as she tried, Saloma couldn't forget about any of it.

It was a hard decision, but when Saloma was twenty-three, she left the Amish for good.

I read Saloma Miller Furlong's first book Why I Left the Amish in 2012. I found it after looking at the website of one of the libraries I go to. She had been doing a talk, but I had missed it. I decided to read her book and I couldn't put it down. Saloma has had one interesting life.

I did get to see her speak in 2013 at another library. She is a great speaker and a very nice person. She signed my book and I got a picture with her.

It was when I went to see her that she said she was writing a second book. I'm not sure if she had a title for it yet or not, but I knew I was definitely going to read it.

Bonnet Strings continues Saloma's story of the first time she left the Amish and her three years back in the community. I found myself tearing up different times because of the struggles she went through, how she felt she didn't belong, but yet didn't want to hurt or disappoint her family.

Bonnet Strings is about Saloma being torn between two worlds; her Amish life and the life she started in Vermont. She knew there were certain aspects of Amish life she would miss, but knew that life wasn't really for her. She didn't fit in, she questioned things and had a curious nature.

This book is about Saloma's struggling with finding out who she really is and she really wanted. It is a great and inspiring story about a woman who became she was meant to be. It was a journey, there were struggles, but Saloma made the choice that was right for her.

I think Bonnet Strings and Why I Left the Amish are both inspiring books about a woman who took care control of her life and lived the way she wanted to.

I recommend both books by Saloma Miller Furlong. And if she ever does a speaking event near you, I'd recommend going.