The Walking Dead: Compendium One - Robert Kirkman

I've watching The Walking Dead TV show since it premiered in 2010. I am a big fan of the show and have wanted to read the comics for a while.

Well, I've finally got a chance to and I decided to read this since it contains the first 8 volumes of the comics. There are definite similar things that happened in the comic that also happened in the show, but there are differences. Quite a few, actually.

The comic follows Rick and his family and many, many other characters. Some of the characters are introduced in the comic sooner than they were in the show. Some of the fates of the characters in the comic are different in show and even often swapped.

That said, both follow the same storyline. The zombie apocalypse happened and people are just trying to survive, some even turning savage and cruel. Or perhaps some were just that way and it is just now they can get away with it since there are no rules.

I thought the comic was great and I couldn't put it down. Although I have watched the show from the beginning and know what is going to happen, things still happened differently in the comic. I really like the comic (what I've read of it so far) and found myself getting attached to the characters. I think I'll be reading Compendium Two soon.