Darkness on the Edge of Town - Brian Keene

One morning the people of Walden, Virginia wake up to find that their town is surrounded by darkness, and that the rest of the world is just gone.

There is no electricity, nothing can get in the town. If anyone leaves the town, the darkness just swallows them whole.

Robbie, his girlfriend Christy and their friend Russ, are trying to survive in this new environment. It's dangerous and continues to get worse by the day. Robbie thinks there has to be a way to stop the darkness. There just has to be some way.

I really enjoyed the story in this book, especially because there is some information in it about The Thirteen. And there is talk of different universes/planets, which is pretty interesting. Of course, it's all related to the mythology Brian Keene has created. And I felt there was quite a bit of the mythology in this book, which I liked.

The story is told by Robbie, one of Walden's residents and one of the main characters of the story. The destruction and chaos of his town is seen through his eyes, and I have to admit, it is pretty horrifying.

The things people do, or at least what the darkness is helping to influence, is plain scary.

Darkness on the Edge of Town is another great book from Brian Keene. If you're a fan of Brian Keene, or just a fan of horror, I think you'll enjoy it.