Last of the Albatwitches - Brian Keene
This book contains two novellas featuring the character Levi Stolzfus.

In The Witching Tree Levi is brought in to aid the police after a father and son are found dead under very bizarre circumstances.

In Last of the Albatwitches, a girl is found dead and its ruled as a suicide. But, some people notice strange footprints and think something else may have caused her death. Levi is asked to investigate.

I really enjoyed these two stories and think they further developed the character Levi. He faces two strong foes and during these encounters, Levi's powwow magic doesn't seem to work as it normally does. And so, Levi begins to doubt his faith a little. But, he continues his work despite his doubts.

I think Levi is a great character and I enjoy stories featuring him. I am looking forward to reading more stories with him in it.