Bone: Stupid Stupid Rat-Tails - Jeff Smith, Thomas E. Sniegoski

I love the Bone series and decided to read this little spin-off. But, upon reading it, I found out I had already read this story of Big Johnson Bone - It was in the Tall Tales book! The difference with that book is that Smiley and Bartleby appear. In that book Smiley and Bartleby are taking the Bone Scouts out camping, and while camping, Smiley decides to tell them about Big Johnson Bone.

The story was enjoyable to read again. I really liked reading it in Tall Tales as well.

This book also has another story about two rat creatures trying to find their dinner. It doesn't turn out so well when dinner wants to play with them.

I liked that story, too. It was funny. I know the rat creatures are some of the bad guys in the series, but I find them hilarious.