The Weird Club: The Search for the Jersey Devil - Randy Fairbanks, Mark Moran, Mark Sceurman

After taking a picture and a strange ball of light appears in it, Mark decides to start the Weird Club. A Club where its members research all things weird! But right now, Mark is the only member.

Slowly the Weird Club begins gaining members and they discover many weird things, including the Jersey Devil of the Pine Barrens. Mark has the opportunity to check out the woods because it is right behind his Grandparents house.

Soon Mark's Grandfather becomes interested in the creature, and he tells Mark that if it is out there, they will find it.

I've read Weird Pennsylvania and Weird U.S., enjoyed both of them very much. I thought I'd give this book a try. I figured it would be a enjoyable read, but I really liked it more than I thought I would. It's not a scary book at all, but it is lots and lots of fun. It has different pictures of strange things from New Jersey and other states. And of course, it has true stories of weird things that the Weird Club researched themselves, or stories that were told to them by others.

I knew most of the stories the members found out in this book, but it was fun to read them again.

I thought this was a really good and it was really fun. Kids who are into strange creatures and other weird things will love it. I think adults will enjoy it too. I know I did.