Summer for Secrets - Lou Kassem

When Laura was six, she saw a truck hitting the car she was in with her mom and brother. Laura's mom said it was just a dream, but a few minutes later, what Laura saw came true.

Later the story was retold to family about what Laura saw and how it saved them in the car. She was called many names and looked at strange. It was then Laura knew she was different.

She still sees things, but has kept it secret. Laura just wants to be normal, but she'll learn being different isn't so bad.

In 2013 I read A Haunting in Williamsburg also by this author, and I really enjoyed that book. It was much better than I had expected. While I think A Haunting in Williamsburg is better, this was a pretty good story too. Laura is a very likable character and she is easy to relate to. While I haven't seen future things like she has, I can relate to being able to see things other people can not.

It was a good book.