The Outside - Laura Bickle

Katie along with Alex and Ginger has been cast out of her Amish community. They are on the Outside now, trying to find a safe place and fighting vampires as they continue on their journey.

Eventually they find people who have a way to fight off the vampires. But Katie is unsure about what they are doing. It works though and Katie realizes this may be the only way they can survive.

I read The Hallowed Ones in 2013 and just loved it. It was different; original and just had a great story. I also loved Katie. She was a great character, but she was different in this book. She wasn't a bad character in this book, but she lost some of made her so great in the first book.

Religion is a part of Katie's life even in the first book. She believes in God and knows Amish rules must be obeyed. However, she questions some of the rules and doesn't agree with everything her religion teaches. Katie is curious, questioning and she badly wanted to experience the world out her community. Katie was a strong female who deeply believes in her faith, but there was so much more to her than just that. She didn't listen to all the rules and instead listened to her own feelings about different things.

In this book, Katie clings to her old life and religious teachings as much as she can. Maybe that's what she needed to do to stay sane in the chaotic state of the world. I don't know. I just know I was a little disappointed with Katie's character in this book.

I liked the story though and it was definitely a page-turner. It was suspenseful. I liked Katie and Alex's relationship. There is just something really sweet about it. Alex has a lot of respect for Katie and sees her as an equal. I like that a lot. It did bother me though that Katie loved him, but knew he'd never go to Heaven. And I don't remember her really thinking that in the first book. I know she mentioned a few times that is what her religion taught, but she really questioned it. But that was part of Katie's change in this book and I didn't like that.

Overall, the story was great and I couldn't put it down. It was really good, but due to Katie's character changing some, I can't give this 5 stars.