Rabbit's Snow Dance - Joseph Bruchac;James Bruchac

This is a traditional Iroquois tale. It is about Rabbit. And at one time Rabbit had a long, beautiful tail. It is summertime and Rabbit wants snow so it will be easier for him to reach the best leaves on the trees. And he is very impatient so he decides to sing his snow song.

Despite protests from other animals, Rabbit sings his song and it snows and snows and snows until it reaches the tops of the trees.

Rabbit is satisfied and decides to sleep. But summer has other plans. While Rabbit sleeps, the summer sun melts all the snow. And when Rabbit wakes up, he falls from the tree top he was on, losing bits of his tail along the way.

This story teaches the need to be patient and not just care about what you want. I really enjoyed this book.