Whispers from the Grave - Leslie Rule

Jenna lives in the year 2070 and when she finds a diary in her attic written by a girl from 100 years ago, she can't believe how much they have in common.

But the more Jenna reads of the diary, she begins to fear for herself own life as history seems to be repeating itself.

The title and the cover may lead you to believe this is a ghost story, but it's not. Don't let that discourage you from reading this though because it may not be a ghost story, but it is a very good story that is worth a read.

I had originally thought it was a ghost story, but it turned out to be a time travel and mystery story. It was very good and I actually didn't figure out who the bad guy was until right before it was revealed.

I like Jenna overall, but in the beginning I think she seems a bit immature. However, she seems to mature throughout a story and I think she is a pretty good character.

I really liked the story. It was different and it turned out to be really good. If you're into time travel and mysteries, I'd recommend giving this a read.