School Spirits - Rachel Hawkins

Izzy Brannick is 15 and has been trained to fight monsters, but school is a whole new experience for her.

After Izzy's sister disappears, her mother decides it will be good for Izzy to take on a simple case. So they move to a town for Izzy to get rid of a ghost that haunts a school. Ghosts are easy to get rid and so the case will be quick. Or so her mother thought. Izzy finds out that this is more just a simple haunting and she has to find the cause of it.

A few years ago I read the Hex Hall trilogy and loved it. I decided I had to read this spin-off which features Izzy as the main character. Izzy was introduced in Spell Bound. And I really like Izzy. She is a great character.

This is different from the Hex Hall books and at first I thought it started a bit slow, but it picks and gets better as the book continues. Eventually I couldn't put this down and couldn't wait to see what would happen next. I think is almost as good as theHex Hall books and I'm really looking forward to the next one. This book was really good. And it is also the book that finishes the 50 states challenge I was doing.

It is also the last book I have while we are in the remaining hours of 2014. And I think it is a great book to end the year with.