Inkdeath - Cornelia Funke

Mo, Meggie and Resa are still in Inkheart. A lot has happened; Mo is now known as a robber called the Bluejay, Dustfinger is dead and the Adderhead is almost unstoppable now that he's immortal. But it seems there is even more chaos and bloodshed is to come before a happy ending is ever in sight.

I first read Inkheart in 2009 and just loved it. I finally got around to readinf Inkspell last year and remembered why I loved the first book so much. The second book was just as good, but it took place in Inkworld instead of our own.

And finally, I have now finished reading Inkdeath. I'm not totally sure what to say. But there might be some spoilers so read no further if you haven't read this book yet.

It was intense and I think even darker than the previous two books. There are points in the book where everything feels hopeless; where you feel the villains may just win after all. And the horrible, horrible things the villains do. It's just terrible.

And I felt that the characters developed even more in this book. I enjoyed Farid in the previous two books, but not this one so much. I think that Dustfinger is a father figure to Farid and Dustfinger cares about him. I understand Farid being upset about Dustfinger's death, but he and Meggie are supposed to be in love. And there didn't seem to be much love coming from his end, especially when he mentions kissing other girls. I think he was different in the other two books and he did seem to love Meggie, which is why I liked him so much. But in this book, all he cared about was Dustfinger. I'm actually happy Meggie ended up with Doria, who is a really great character.

Dustfinger, Mo and Resa are great characters too, and I felt different sides were shown of them in this third book which made the characters more interesting and even better. And Mo's love of books is just wonderful. It is a love I definitely understand.

Inkworld itself is described so beautifully. I can picture it in my mind. Despite its dangers, I wouldn't mind a visit there myself if it were really possible. But only a visit, I'd want to come back to my world.

I thought the story was well-written and all the ends were tied up nicely. I'm glad the characters did get their happy ending. Along with the first two books, Inkdeath is one of my favorite books that I will revisit again sometime.