Spookygirl: Paranormal Investigator - Jill Baguchinsky

Like her mother, Violet can communicate with the dead. And Violet's mother was teaching her about the paranormal until she died one night during an investigation. Violet was still a kid when this happened and doesn't remember much about her mother, but she knows she can see the dead like her mother did.

After the night her mother died, Violet's father hasn't wanted to talk about it nor did he want anything to do with the paranormal anymore. Between that and partly living with her Aunt, Violet has just had to hide that part of herself.

But now Violet is living with her dad and she's decided to pursue her dream: be a paranormal investigator. And Violet knows she can't go to her dad to learn so she'll just have to do it on her own.

I love reading paranormal books and I think it is neat there are fiction books coming out about teenage paranormal investigator. I became a paranormal investigator when I was 14. I read the first book in the ghost huntress series last year, which is about a teenage who investigates the paranormal. However, I didn't like that one very much. I think this book is so much better.

I like that the character knows not to mess with Ouija boards. They are dangerous. But the whole orbs are just dust thing was brought up. It's a big thing in the paranormal community. Many people that 99% of orbs are dust and if you take pictures of orbs, you're pretty much made fun of. But my group and I have done our experiments of taking orb pictures and we have found it is actually very hard to get dust orbs. Therefore, I believe that most orbs are actually spirits.

As for ghost hunting itself, I don't believe it is dangerous. But you should be careful and know what you're doing. Research the places you want to investigate and don't go to places that are haunted by something bad. Those places need to be left to people who know what their doing and how to take care of things like that.

I like the story in the book and I like the characters. I hope this is just the first in a series because this book was a pretty good start. I think this could become a great series.