Death Makes a Holiday: A Cultural History of Halloween - David J. Skal

This book started out well with the beginning chapter dispelling the myth of dangerous candy during Halloween. It explains why there are such worries about it. To me it seems a lot of it is the media hyping up the idea and of course, there is actual cases of candy that have been messed up. However, those cases are parents doing it and then giving the candy to their own children. The first chapter even gives the details of such a case.

I thought the first chapter was great and I'd recommend the book to people for that chapter alone. It's informative.

And while the author explores Halloween's Celtic origins, the book isn't completely what I thought it was. It seemed to be about the macabre in general instead of an actual focus on Halloween. While I would say the first few chapters have a focus on Halloween, the others don't exactly focus on it. The book has a lot of interesting details, but if you've decided to read because you want to know more about Halloween, you might be disappointed. I know I was.