From One Experience to Another: Award-Winning Authors Sharing Real-Life Experiences Through Fiction - M. Jerry Weiss, Helen S. Weiss, Avi, Joan Bauer, Jay Bennett, Judith Gorog, Herb Karl, Gordon Korman, Walter Dean Myers, Joan Lowery Nixon, Richard Peck, Susan Beth Pfeffer, Neal Shusterman, Nancy Springer, Suzanne Fisher Staples, Virginia Euwer Wolff, Sharon Dennis Wyet

There are short stories from 15 different authors and each story is based on something that actually happened to each author.

Two of my favorite authors, Joan Lowery Nixon and Jay Bennett, contributed stories to this collection. Their stories were quite good, but actually most of the stories in this collection were very good. There were only a few that I thought were just okay, but the majority was great.

I liked that before each story the authors would share the true experience that their story was based on.

I think this is a great collection of stories with experiences that people could relate to.