Dawn Land - Adapted by Will Davis,  Joseph Bruchac

This is the graphic novel version of Joseph Bruchac's 1993 novel Dawn Land. I haven't read the original novel, but I definitely want to!

This graphic novel tells the story of Young Hunter, who lives in what today would be known as North America. He has to set out on a quest to defeat the stone giants.

I think the artist, Will Davis, did a wonderful job. At the end of the graphic novel there is a note from Will Davis, explaining how he came to adapt Dawn Land into a graphic novel.

Like many of Joseph Bruchac's books, this story is based on a Native American legend. I thought the story was very good and now I want to find the original novel to read. I think it is a story about being brave and trusting there is something bigger than you that is always looking out for you and will help when you ask.

This was a great graphic novel. I really enjoyed it.