The Rising - Brian Keene

Jim Thurmond is a father fighting his way to New Jersey to find his son. Along the way Jim finds Martin, who is a preacher and still has faith.

Frankie is a recovering addict that refuses to die.

All of them are fighting to stay alive in this world overrun with the undead.

I've watched plenty of zombie movies, but this is my first zombie book and was Brian Keene's debut novel. He did a great job because I think this book is really original.

There will be spoilers so read no further if you haven't read the book yet.

These aren't your ordinary zombies. They still eat people, but leave enough so the body can still be used. When the bodies come back to life they aren't just mindless creatures only worried about food. They are intelligent and plan things. They can talk, drive and do pretty much everything a human can do. That's definitely not your normal zombies.

And even the animals become zombies.

That might be pretty weird for some people, but you have to understand it's not a virus. Dead bodies are being taken over by actual beings that come from a place called the Void.

Besides the originality of the zombies, I really like the main characters. They're not perfect people, but relatable. I just think they are really great characters.

How things were run by the soldiers in Gettysburg was just horrifying. How they treated women and used them only for sex. Completely disgusting, but I think if an apocalypse actually happened, there would be people who would do sick and twisted things to others.

I'm happy this was my first zombie novel because it was really great. Very original and a great debut as well.