Finding Daddy - Louise Plummer

Mira, who is almost sixteen, wants to know more about her father that she doesn't remember. She has a photo of him and only knows the few things her mother and grandmother will tell her. Mira decides she needs to find him.

Mira isn't a bad character. I actually think she is very believable and while I know both of my parents, I can imagine myself in her place and understand how she feels.

Mira isn't stupid. She wants to know her father and you should be able to trust your parents. She shouldn't have went behind her mother's back, but how was Mira to know there was actually a real reason for keeping her away from her father? Parents are people, they make mistakes and bad decisions. And believe it, or not, sometimes they don't always know best. And even sometimes they will keep children from the other parent for no reason other than to be hateful. My cousin is currently going through this with his ex-wife and he loves his children dearly.

While I know Mira's father didn't turn out to be loving at all, my point is, Mira didn't know, her mother didn't want to tell her anything and she had a right to know about her father and all of his craziness. But her mother and grandmother would never explain why he couldn't be in their life. They only told her about his good qualities and never told her the bad things. And I think that was a mistake.

I just feel Mira's mother and grandmother should have told her. She had a right to know. She came from both parents and it is only natural for a person to know where and who they come from. 

I liked the book and found the story very intense. I may eventually read some other books by this author.